Tourism Squamish

Oceanfront Interpretive Trail

Find your perch and soak up some of the best oceanfront views around. 

The Squamish Oceanfront Interpretive Trail was once the site of a large industrial area and the old Port of Squamish. Since the new Squamish Terminals were built, the Oceanfront Lands have become a beautiful recreation area for walkers, cyclists, kite boarders and beachgoers.

The trail starts at the end of Cleveland Avenue, kiddie corner to the Howe Sound Brew Pub. It’s a wide gravel track that follows the estuary to the shores of Howe Sound. It’s a pleasant walk, ride or run and is popular among locals as a relaxing way to enjoy a warm summer breeze and spend an hour or a day at the beach.

About halfway into the trail it reaches the point. There is a large beach here and depending on whether the tide is out, there can be an entire swath of sand for the kids and the dogs to run wild.

The views here are endless and take in the blue waters of Howe Sound, the Stawamus Chief, Shannon Falls and the snowcapped peaks of Garibaldi Park. There’s an energy here that’s both relaxing and energizing and you’ll want to find a perch on a piece of driftwood and spend an afternoon taking it all in.

Getting There:

Take the exit for downtown Squamish and head down Cleveland Avenue (the main street). Parking is at the end of Cleveland Avenue in a gravel parking lot just adjacent to the Howe Sound Brew Pub. The trail begins right off the parking lot and follows the shoreline to the main beach at the point. The trail continues around the point and eventually comes back to another small parking lot and crosses the road to meet up with the first part of the trail. Alternatively, you can drive all the way into the Oceanfront and park right at the beach.