Explore Squamish - August 08, 2016

Weekend options in and around Squamish

Photo: Sea to Sky Parks

Just about every weekend during the summer sees an event here in Squamish. Everything from the Squamish Wind Festival to the Test of Metal to Squamish Days to the Squamish 50 Race. But this weekend, it’s all about enjoying your summer.  So here are a few ideas for stuff to do in an around Squamish. Some you may have heard of and some are a little off the beaten path. Enjoy. 

7. Star Gazing at Porteau Cove: Known primarily for its coastal camping, scuba diving and snorkelling, Porteau Cove Provincial Park is an awesome spot to watch the night sky. Located on the Sea to Sky Highway just South of Squamish, it sits right on Howe Sound. The light pollution here is minimal and on a clear night, the heavens come alive with light. 

6. Swimming at Brohm Lake: Brohm Lake is one of the nicest lakes in the Sea to Sky Corridor. It’s deep, refreshing waters are warmer than some of the other, glacier fed lakes so on a hot summer day it tends to be the perfect temperature for a swim. There are myriad spots around the lake to jump in, but the real treat for Brohm is enjoying a hike at the same time. The trail around the lake is home to some of the oldest trees in Squamish and it’s worth the extra effort.

5. Camping at Elfin Lakes: Of all the spots in the Sea to Sky Corridor, there aren’t many that compare to the epic setting of these two high alpine lakes. Nestled on a high alpine ridge, surrounded by glaciers, just into Garibaldi Provincial Park, Elfin Lakes is a bit of a hike to reach, but it’s worth the effort. This is absolutely one of the most spectacular places to camp in all of Southern BC. 







Stawamus Chief Squamish BC
Chains on the Trail up to Second Peak on the Chief. 
Photo - D'Arcy McLeish







4. Dinner and Live Music at the Sea to Sky Gondola: One of the best kept secrets on the South Coast, night time at the Sea to Sky Gondola is magical. What could be better than a good meal, some wine and a band while sitting on a deck perched 900 metres above Howe Sound in the Coast Mountains? Visit www.seatoskygondola.com for more info. 

3. Flightseeing Trip: We go on about the views around here and with good reason. Bringing the visual experience of Squamish to the next level requires taking flight. Sea to Sky Air offers 35 minute flightseeing  tours of Squamish, Howe Sound and the Coast Mountains. This is a great way to see and feel the massive scale of the mountains around Squamish and it really gives credence to the whole notion of where the sea meets the sky. www.seatoskyair.ca

2. Via Ferrata: Have you ever wanted to climb the side of a mountain in a remote wilderness setting but weren’t an experienced mountaineer? Don’t stress. Long popular in the alps, a Via Ferrata is a series or iron rungs and ladders that meander their way up cliffs and bluffs. The one in Squamish, run by the Mountain Skills Academy is not to be missed. This 1.5 hour adventure is a safe and great way to feel exhilaration of climbing in the mountains. 

1. Hike the "Chief": The classic Squamish hike is the Stawamus Chief. A two-thousand foot monolith overlooking the town of Squamish, the Chief is one of the premiere rock climbing destinations in the world. But the hike up to the three summits is just as epic. And the views at the top are simply amazing. For a real treat, head up for the sunrise. The views first thing in the morning are off the hook and there’s no better place for a morning coffee than on top of the Chief. 

Be safe and enjoy your weekend!


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