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The Best Squamish Waterfalls

The Best Squamish Waterfalls

This time of year waterfalls are at their most sprayful, zip up your Gortex and brace yourself for the splash zone. Squamish is home to some gorgeous waterfalls, here is a list of our favourites.

1. Shannon Falls

The third highest waterfall in BC, Shannon Falls is also Squamish's natural rain-o-meter. The 335-metre cascade transforms from a trickle to a raging, sprayful, spectacle on a rainy day. Located just south of the Stawamus Chief, it cascades down from the massive cliffs above Highway 99. It’s easy to get to, just follow the signs off Highway 99 for Shannon Falls Provincial Park

2. Upper Shannon Falls

Located at the junction of the Upper Shannon Falls hiking trail and the start of the Sea to Summit hiking trail, Upper Shannon Falls are a series of waterfalls and pools in Upper Shannon Creek. It’s a bit of a hike to get to, but if you hike up to the summit of the Sea to Sky Gondola, you go right by this area. The upper falls are absolutely breathtaking, with views of Howe Sound and the valley below.

3. Brandywine Falls

Twenty-five minutes north of Squamish on Highway 99 is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in BC. Brandywine Provincial Park is located here and access to the viewpoint of the falls is a mellow walk through the woods. 

4. Crooked Falls

Photo: @tellez_g

Sheltered under a thick canopy of trees the trail to Crooked Falls can be trekked rain or shine without jeopardizing the view. At only 6km in the distance, the trail features three breathtaking viewpoints making it one of the most rewarding short hikes in Squamish. 

5. High Falls Creek

This is probably the most demanding to get to, but absolutely worth the trip. High Falls Creek is located in the Upper Squamish Valley and is a 3 - 5-hour hike up a gruelling 600 metres of elevation gain in just 4km. The falls themselves drop through a tight box canyon in two distinct sections. One of the highlights of getting to this trail is the drive. The Squamish Valley Road follows the mighty Squamish River and the views along the way take in some of the most spectacular peaks in the Southern Coast Mountains. 

Waterfall viewing always in peak season in Squamish but if you want to see the falls at their most sprayful they are best enjoyed on a rainy day in weatherproof gear. Be sure to check the Squamish Rain-o-Meter before heading out, we recommend saving your waterfall visit for a Sprayful to Downpour kind of day! 

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