Explore Squamish - January 06, 2022

Squamish Style

Photo: @rachael_mallory_

You can tell a lot about a place by the way the locals dress. In the case of Squamish, style and fashion runs the gamut. What determines what a person wears could be anything from a personal sense of style, what they are doing that day, what the weather is like, or just simply who they are. 

We’re fairly certain that you know how to dress yourself. We suppose the purpose of this blog is to provide some insight on how the locals dress – if you want to fit in with the locals, be a local, be inspired by the locals – whatever! It’s just fun.

The number one thing you must do is ask yourself – what does my day look like? 

First things first, what is the forecast? If it’s snowing/has snowed in Squamish, then tough winter boots and a warm coat may be needed. No one likes stepping into a puddle of slush and you’d be surprised how biting the wind can be on a winter’s day. If it’s a particularly rainy day, gumboots are where it’s at, plus a waterproof jacket with a hood. Ball caps are also acceptable in this situation – they keep the rain off your face. Umbrellas tend to be shunned… we’re the type to just pop up a hood and get where we need to be. We don’t recommend wearing your nice non-waterproof jacket with the fur-lined hood on a rainy day otherwise you’ll look like a soaked, sad kitten.

Image: @elysseee


If you’re heading out for an adventure, you’ll need to dress accordingly. We are a very active community, which is why you’ll see folks in performance gear wherever you go, whether you’re in line at a coffee shop or grocery store or stopping into a restaurant for lunch. Technical gear like waterproof or ski jackets and pants, bike shorts, climbing gear, and hiking clothes are all quite common to see. In some cases this attire may be pristine, in others, it might be muddy, wet and well-worked in – which is awesome if it’s the mark of an epic day! Shops like Escape Route and Valhalla Pure Outfitters have everything you need to gear up plus some stylish Squamish-appropriate clothing too.

Image: @moon.and.mountains


Underneath all the layers meant to keep you dry and warm, casual is key. In Squamish you’ll see lots of tights, jeans, and joggers paired with tees, sweaters, and hoodies. That’s not to say that Squamish folk don’t ever dress up – for some dressing a little more chic is necessary for work and others it’s just for fun.

Headwear is abundantly popular, and you’ll see just about everyone wearing ball caps or toques (beanies). We practically have a separate toque collection to coordinate with our wardrobes, and the same with caps – though many of those announce the products we love and businesses we support proudly across the front. The selection at A-Frame and Backcountry Brewing is quite popular. Brimmed hats are also frequently seen around town – we do love our hats around here!

Image: Spark Kombucha


Footwear is also something to be strongly considered. During the rainy seasons (yes, that’s an ‘s’ on the end of that word) waterproof sneakers, shoes or rainboots are essential. A good pair of hiking boots, athletic shoes, sandals and winter boots are also key, depending on the time of year. Dressier shoes like high heels are not oft-seen, but that doesn’t mean the Squamish ladies don’t love a nice dressy shoe! You are more likely to see lovely boots and fashionable shoes over a pair of designer stilettos though.

The big thing to remember once you’ve chosen your outfit for the day is that the weather may change on a dime. So wherever you are heading for the day, wear layers, bring extra clothing and be prepared. We highly endorse layers for any day, any season. That way you’ll never be caught suffering through your style choice of the day – trust us, we’ve all been there.