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Squamish Home Sessions: How-To's

Photo: Tara O'Grady, Sea to Sky Gondola

Squamish Home Sessions: How-To's

Follow along as local experts guide us through a series of Squamish-inspired at-home activities. Do you have a how-to question? Email it to info [at] exploresquamish.com, and we will do our best to find an answer! 

How to Make a "Quarantini"

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the closure of many of our favourite drinking establishments. But never fear, the "Quarantini" is here! This increasingly important speciality cocktail is one that anybody can make at home.

Kelly Ann Woods, founder of Gillespies's Fine Spirits and Boozewitch is an internationally recognized beverage coach, teacher, and consultant, as well as a regular presenter on Saturday Sips on Global TV. 

Hit play to hear how Kelly prepares the perfect "Quarantini." 

- Water
- Ice
- Gin or vodka
- Vermouth (white wine or sherry will also do in a pinch)
- Olives, sauerkraut or pickles in brine 

- Martini glass, (can be a wine glass or other stemmed glass)
- Shaker glass (can be a jar or water glass)
- Stir stick, long spoon or another long kitchen utensil
- Strainer

- Chill your martini glass with water and ice
- In a separate shaker glass add 1.5 - 2oz of gin or vodka
- Add the desired amount of vermouth
- Add ice to chill and stir
- Pour the ice out of the martini glass
- Strain shaker glass contents into the martini glass 
- Add olive, sauerkraut, or pickle brine
- Garnish with olives, sauerkraut or a pickle

How Sea to Sky Air Preps for a Flight 

Like most activities these days, sightseeing tours have been temporarily grounded. That hasn't stopped local pilot Dave from Sea to Sky Air from dreaming about soaring over Squamish.

Dave has been flying since 2011 and has taken thousands of visitors to view Squamish's tallest peaks and spectacular glaciers. Since we can't go flying he has prepared a behind the scenes look at what happens before take-off. Sea to Sky Air has been inducted into the Trip Advisor Hall of Fame as the #1 Flightseeing company in Canada, offering scenic flights and seaplane tours since 2003.

Tune in for some handy and hilarious info on how to complete a pre-flight checklist and a close-up look at Sea to Sky Air's floatplane. 

How to make a Canadian #whippedcoffee

If you have been scrolling through social media, whipped coffee may already be on your radar. It is the perfect blend of sweet and indulgent, plus whipped coffee is easy to make at home, requiring only a few ingredients. It's no surprise that this frothy, delicious creation is trending.

Despite being temporarily closed, Squamish's beloved Caffe Garibaldilocated in the Squamish Adventure Centre, has been busy sharing their at-home creations. 

Watch as expert barista Yvonne, and Caffe owner shows us her Canadian twist on #whippedcoffee. 

- 2 tbsp of instant coffee
- 2 tbsp of white sugar
- 2 tbsp of hot water
- Choice of milk
- Maple syrup (AKA the Canadian twist)

- Any coffee cup or glass
- Ice
- Whisk or electric mixer

- Combine instant coffee, white sugar and hot water in a bowl
- Mix by hand for 5-7 minutes 
- Pour maple syrup over a glass of ice
- Add milk of choice
- Top with whipped coffee
- Serve

How to identify fool's gold with Britannia Mine Museum

Classes may be out of session, but Britannia Mine Museum is keeping us schooled with weekly Mineral Monday lessons.

Britannia Mine Museum is a National Historic Site that offers a unique museum experience and a mind-blowing underground tour. Now that the museum is temporarily closed, they have been sharing fascinating facts over social media. Up next: How to identify fool's gold AKA pyrite!

For many years pyrite alluded miners for it's an uncanny resemblance to gold. Local rock expert and museum tour guide Sarah explains where pyrite forms and how you can easily identify the mineral. 

How to Wake Up Your Senses

Set aside a few minutes from your day to wake up your senses and practice mindfulness with your kids.

Expert educator, Granite from Cheakamus Centre is here to guide us through easy ways to engage your sense of touch, sound, smell, sight and taste in your backyard. 

Cheakamus Centre is an outdoor education centre that aims to connect people to the natural world. For more ways to commune with nature from your home tune in to their Youtube channel.  

- 10 - 20 pencil crayons
- Pencil case or opaque bag
- Blank sheet of paper (clipboard optional) 

- Touch: Rub your hands together and see how much heat you can generate
- Sound: Cup your hands around your ears and notice how much your hearing changes. Try opening and closing your eyes. Count how many sounds you can hear. 
- Smell: Breath deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth 
- Sight: Choose a pencil crayon at random from a bag, try to match the colour with something from your yard or nearby nature. 
- Taste: If it's raining, go outside and try to taste a raindrop, otherwise save the taste for lunch. 

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