Explore Squamish - May 11, 2020

Level 6 - Downpour: What to Do

Level 6 on the Squamish Rain-o-Meter is downpour. Raindrops have a bounce rate. It’s difficult to hear the conversation of your friend walking beside you. Permission to marinate in your own thoughts instead of competing with the clamour. Get stormed on. Bring what you brought. Lean into the drama.

Don’t just breathe easier, embrace the rain and breathe wilder.

Suggested Activities

Compete with the clamour of the rain, make noise and unleash your inner wild child. The downpour cannot and will not last forever, appreciate it while you can and throw a tantrum of your own to match the chaos around you. Take cover or expose yourself to the elements immerse yourself in the downpour. 


Visit the shores of Howe Sound and watch the show unfold as the waves tow the tide out and send it backlashing against the shoreline. Discern the point where the sea touches the sky and decide which is darker the deep blue ocean or the soot coloured skies. 

Puddle Jumping

Forget the luxury of being dry, take a step on the wild side. Once the rain hits you there is nothing to lose; jump in puddles, get soaked and enjoy a romp in the woods saturated with fun. View a list of our favourite places to puddle jump.

Waterfall Viewing

Listen to the pounding sound of thousands of cubic litres of water clammering down. The closer you stand the more the white noise will erase every other distraction and sound. 

Visit Western Canada's Only Ninja Warrior Gym

Playing at the Ninja Gym | Photo: The Ninja Gym

Play in over 7,000 square feet of obstacles with high ceilings for fun drops into 500 sqft of airbags at the Ninja Gym in Squamish. The facility boasts over 25 ninja warrior obstacles to test your limits or to just have fun. Open to ages 6+.

Head Below Ground

Find shelter underground at the Britannia Mine Museum, one of the most popular Sea to Sky destinations that combines family fun with a lesson or two in mining history. Hop aboard a real mine train and take a ride back in time to when the site was the largest copper mine in the British Commonwealth. Be sure to check out BOOM! the new multisensory mill show experience that will show you what life was like for miners during the mill's operation. 

Visit Downtown Squamish

Walk through vibrant downtown Squamish and dash out of the rain and into coffee shops, boutiques and one of a kind shops full of quirky finds. Don't be afraid to get a little soggy along the way, you are surrounded by heated shops and warm beverages in every direction. 

Whet Your Appetite at One of Squamish's Eateries

Rooted next to the Pacific Ocean there is always a fresh catch and plenty of farm to table ingredients for local chefs to create high-quality menus. Couple quality cuisine with Squamish views and you have set the table for an enjoyable dining experience well worth the drive, rain or shine. View a list of our local eateries here

Trail Feature: Porteau Cove Provincial Park

Walk the quick trail at Porteau Cove to the viewing platform that extends over Howe Sound. Climb the stairs of the two-story lookouts and watch the storm muster up everything it's got. Throw your head back elevate your voice to the match the sounds of the storm, Keep an eye out for marine life such as harbour seals, porpoises, otters, orcas, grey whales and humpback whales. 

Distance: 100 Metres
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 15 minutes

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