Explore Squamish - May 11, 2020

Level 5 - Buckets: What to Do

Level 5 on the Squamish Rain-o-Meter is buckets of rain. The sheer heft of a raindrop causes mud backsplash on your legs. Hip waders are acceptable apparel. Seasonal creeks will be appearing imminently. The forest canopy offers surprising reprieve. Now is the time to chase waterfalls.

Don’t just breathe easier, embrace the rain and breathe wilder.

Suggested Activities

Photo: @rondicksen

The trails are saturated and there are rivers flowing down the streets of Squamish. It's not the water you need to worry about it's the mud, your pant legs will become filthy the mudguard on your bike will bend from the pressure. The best thing to do is embrace it, this is what washing machines were made for.

Go Fishing

Waders and raincoats are the perfect uniform for today. Stay close to the shore and take pleasure plunging your feet deep into the mud. You can head out on your own or book a guided fishing trip with one of our fantastic local guides

Puddle Jumping

Forget the luxury of being dry and take a step on the wild side. Once the rain hits you there is nothing to lose; jump in puddles, get soaked and enjoy a romp in the woods saturated with fun. View a list of places to puddle jump here.

Waterfall Viewing

Listen to the pounding sound of thousands of cubic litres of water clammering down. The closer you stand the more the white noise will erase every other distraction and sound. Dare to enter the splash zone and wet your face in the mist from the falls. 

Head Below Ground

Find shelter underground at the Britannia Mine Museum, one of the most popular Sea to Sky destinations that combines family fun with a lesson or two in mining history. Hop aboard a real mine train and take a ride back in time to when the site was the largest copper mine in the British Commonwealth. Be sure to check out BOOM! the new multisensory mill show experience that will show you what life was like for miners during the mill's operation. 

Snap a Moody Photo at the Squamish Estuary

Moody views at the Squamish Estuary

When all you want is a beautiful view but don't want to hike to reach it the Squamish Estuary is the place to visit. Drive to the end of Spit Road and try to catch a glimpse of the Stawamus Chief. Walk the easy trail next to the parking lot or just wander to the end of the Spit umbrella in hand. Keep your ears and eyes open, hundreds of birds call this sanctuary home and the sounds of the wildlife come alive at all times of the day. 

Visit Downtown Squamish

Walk along the vibrant streets of downtown Squamish and dash out of the rain and into coffee shops, boutiques and one of a kind shops full of quirky finds. Don't be afraid to get a little soggy along the way, you are surrounded by heated shops and warm beverages in every direction. 

Trail Feature: The Four Lakes Trail

Put the rain back in rainforest and enjoy a walk on the Four Lakes Trail under the thick canopy of Alice Lake Provincial Park. This forest was designed for the rain, it will be muddy, it will be wet and it will be fully loaded with fun. Complete the loop to walk by four mountain lakes or abbreviate the adventure by turning around at stump lake. 

Distance: 6.5km
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 2 - 3 hours

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