Explore Squamish - October 16, 2017

Level 4 - Pelting: What to Do

Level 4 on the Squamish Rain-o-meter is pelting. Pin pricks leave welts on your face. Soft jazz percussion on the rooftop and the pure promise of pop-up puddles motivates you to get out and go. But there’s a high splash-and-go advisory—beware of curb-hugging vehicles.

Don’t just breathe easier, embrace the rain and breathe wilder.

Suggested Activities

The puddles are at their most playful and for those daring enough to jump in you will not be disappointed. Today is a wet and wild kind of day, gumboots and Gortex will only shield you for so long before the rain finds it's way in. Adjust your mindset to be wet and pack extra socks for after. 

Go Fishing

Some say it may be easier to catch fish in the rain, and if you are wading into the river anyways, precipitation will not get in the way of your groove. You can head out on your own or book a guided fishing trip with Trout Country Fishing Guides or Valley Fishing Guides

Puddle Jumping

Forget the luxury of being dry and take a step on the wild side. Once the rain hits you there is nothing to lose; jump in puddles, get soaked and enjoy a romp in the woods saturated with fun. View a list of our favourite places to puddle jump here

Head Below Ground

Find shelter underground at the Britannia Mine Museum, one of the most popular Sea to Sky destinations that combines family fun with a lesson or two in mining history. Hop aboard a real mine train and take a ride back in time to when the site was the largest copper mine in the British Commonwealth. 

Waterfall Viewing

Listed to the pounding sound of thousands of cubic litres of water clammering down. The closer you stand the more the white noise will erase every other distraction and sound. 

Visit the West Coast Railway Heritage Park

A mix of outdoor and indoor activities make a visit to the West Coast Railway Heritage Park the perfect outing for today. Explore the yard during the clearer parts of the day and when the rain begins to pound venture inside historical structures in the park. 

Visit Downtown Squamish

Walk along the vibrant downtown Squamish streets and dash out of the rain and into coffee shops, boutiques and one of a kind shops full of quirky finds. Don't be afraid to get a little soggy along the way, you are surrounded by heated shops and warm beverages in every direction. 

Snap a Moody Photo on the Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge

Visit the Sea to Sky Gondola umbrella in hand and cross through the clouds on the Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge. After perusing the beautiful walking trails dry off at the Summit Lodge before making your way back down to the forest's floor. 

Moody views at the Sea to Sky Gondola | Photo: @tophwebster

Trail Feature: Mamquam River Spawning Trails

On a rainy day, the puddle potential on the Mamquam River trail is huge. The trailhead starts just past the Squamish Golf and Country Club and weaves alongside the Mamquam River. Finish up your hike and head over to Cloudburst Cafe across the street for a warm cup of cocoa. 

Distance: 4km
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 1 - 2 hours