Explore Squamish - October 16, 2017

Level 3: Sprayful: What to Do

Level 3 on the Squamish Rain-o-Meter is sprayful. Green goes technicolor. Life looks luscious. The language of water at the window beckons you outside to play. There’s enough rain to clean the dust off the streets, the grime off your car, the sadness from a broken heart. 

Don’t just breathe easier, embrace the rain and breathe wilder.

Suggested Activities


Zip up your jacket and prepare to enter a spray park fully clothed! Droplets are trickling through the trees, bouncing off leaves and inviting you to let loose and stomp around in the puddles. Anything you do today will be extra adventurous, make sure you leave plenty of time to apres, you will want a warm place to dry off after your day.

Go Hiking

When mountain views are swallowed by the mist get up close and personal by heading into the forests of Squamish. The full spectrum of green comes alive in the rain. Green goes technicolour and ferns become fantastic. Find solace on a forested walk, and feel the adventure as the rain makes it's way through the trees to spray you in the face. 

Bundle Up by the Ocean

Sprayful rain is a good indicator that the ocean will be splashy and a treat to view. Head to the oceanfront to watch the waves wash the shoreline clean. Pull up your hood and connect with the water cycle from the sea to the sky.

Raft the Waters

Switch your raincoat for a wetsuit and enjoy the thrill of getting soaked on a whitewater rafting tour through Squamish's pristine waterways. Choose from the splashy Cheakamus River or the exhilarating Elaho. Whichever tour you pick you can rest assured that the rain will only add to the wet and wild experience. Tours are available starting April 20 through Canadian Outback Rafting and Squamish Rafting and June 20 through Wedge Rafting

Go Fishing

Some say it may be easier to catch fish in the rain, and if you have your waders and rain gear on anyways, a little precipitation will not get in the way of your groove. You can head out on your own or book a guided fishing trip with Trout Country Fishing Guides or Valley Fishing Guides

Waterfall Viewing

Listen to the pounding sound of thousands of cubic litres of water clammering down. The closer you stand the more the white noise will erase every other distraction and sound. 

Puddle Jumping

Forget the luxury of being dry and take a step on the wild side. Once the rain hits there is nothing to lose. Go ahead and jump in puddles, get soaked and enjoy a romp in the woods saturated with fun. View a list of our favourite places to puddle jump here. 

Trail Feature: Murrin Park Loop Trail

Hike through misty forests and wind your way up rain-kissed steps and soil along the Murrin Park Loop Trail. Along the way pay attention for peek-a-boo views towards Howe Sound. If your timing aligns you will be greeted with an ocean view framed in trees with wasps of clouds poking through.

Distance: 1.8km
Difficulty: Moderate
Time: 1 - 2 hours


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