Hiking Crooked Falls

Posted on: March 1, 2021

Hiking Crooked Falls

Hiking Crooked Falls

Finding the motivation to venture on a hike in Fall can be difficult. Thankfully the trail to Crooked Falls is sheltered under a thick canopy of trees and can be trekked rain or shine without jeopardizing the view. At only 6km in the distance, the trail features three breathtaking viewpoints making it one of the most rewarding short hikes in Squamish. 

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From Highway 99 take a left on the Squamish Valley Road across from Alice Lake Provincial Park. The drive to the trailhead offers several good pullouts beside the Squamish River. Keep your eyes peeled for the best viewpoints if you have a good eye you may even be able to spot the Jim Haberl Hut way up in the Tantalus Range across the river. After the Squamish Valley Road turns to gravel watch for a large bridge at the 24.5km mark. Cross the bridge onto Ashlu Road and continue for around 1.5km, park your car in front of a small bridge. Cross the bridge by foot; the trail begins next to an electrical pole on the lefthand side of the road.

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Follow the Sigurd trail (well marked) up a steep rocky section before levelling out onto a retired forest services road. You will soon turn into the forest on a single/double track trail. The first viewpoint appears quickly after you enter the forest so watch closely for a clearing and rocky bluff on your left. Take the viewpoint trail and step out for a panoramic view of the Squamish River winding through the valley. The mix of trees in the valley below is a spectacle as each of the trees takes on a different colour of green. On a clear day, you will also be greeted with views of Mount Garibaldi looming impressively in the background. 

After visiting the first viewpoint make your way back to the trail. From here on you will start to gain elevation and it may feel like a bit of a grind. Continue past a huge boulder where you will begin to ascend several switchbacks before arriving at a junction. Follow the yellow sign pointing left, take this trail for the final 300 metres to Crooked Falls. 

At the falls there are two distinct viewpoints, you can take the upper trail and wind left to see the falls from the front or climb down carefully to view the falls from the side. The side view offers a unique V-shaped vista where the water has eroded the rock to a V-shaped point. Depending on the water flow you can even see the Squamish Valley framed between the falls and the rock. Mind your footing in this area and be sure to keep a safe distance away from the falls. Return the way you came.

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  • Time: Plan for the trail to take between 3 - 3.5 hours
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Distance: 6km return
  • Dogs: Dogs are permitted but remember to keep them on leash, there is plenty of wildlife in the area.
  • Facilities: There are no bathroom or garbage facilities close to the trail, pack it in, pack it out.

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