Hiking 101: Squamish's Top Hikes and More!

Posted on: June 13, 2020

Hiking 101: Squamish's Top Hikes and More!

Hiking 101: Squamish's Top Hikes and More!

Located at the doorstep of 8 provincial parks, it is no wonder hikers from all over the world make the trek to Squamish to explore our stunning trails. 

Tips for New Hikers

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  • Know where you're going: We encourage hikers to do their research, research your hike in advance, know how long it takes, the general overview, the landmarks, how much elevation you will gain and know where the snowline is, snow can be found year-round!
  • Have a turnaround time: Establish a turn around time before you leave your house and stick to it! 
  • Use trekking poles: James from Escape Route suggests hikers should view trekking poles as tools to increase efficiency. Poles help you move faster and distribute weight making hiking of a full body workout. For maximum efficiency keep your arms level by lowering your pole or gripping the pole lower on your uphill side. 
  • Bring more than you think you need: Chloe from Mountain Skills Academy and Adventures explains that you may not need a jacket while moving but you might while stopped. It's always better to be over prepared than under prepared!
  • Pack the 10 essentials: Make sure you are familiar with BC Adventure Smart's 10 essentials; know what they are and have them on hand, no matter how big or small the adventure. 
  • Keep your feet happy: As a general rule, Aaron from Valhalla Pure Outfitters tells hikers the heavier your pack, the sturdier you want your hiking boots to be. If you plan on a full or multi-day objective you will likely be carrying some weight, keep your feet happy with a sturdy pair of boots with plenty of ankle support. 

Local Favourite Hikes

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Brohm Lookout Loop 

A lovely alder-lined network of trails and forested paths along rock covered moss and vibrant green vegetation. With many points of interest along the way, such as creeks, marshes, lakes and a variety of wildflowers. Climb past small rock bluffs for a marvellous view of the Tantalus Mountains.

Distance: 8.4km
Difficulty: Intermediate
Time: 2.5-4hrs

Demon Ridge

The out and back trail to Demon Ridge begins 5km up the Watersprite Lake Trail where you will pass a well-marked signpost to your left and from there the trail starts off somewhat overgrown. The western flank of the ridge opens up and you get some nice views of Mamquam Mountain. It is easy to follow the trail which is well marked with cairns. At this time Demon Ridge does not link to Watersprite Lake however you can just see the cabin from the ridge. 

Distance: 16km
Difficulty: Difficult
Time: 8 hours

Four Lakes Trail 

The 4 Lakes Trail is an easy 6.5km loop that meanders through creeks, second growth forest and visits four distinct mountain lakes. The trail can be started in the Stump Lake parking lot or at Alice Lake itself. Have your cameras ready at Stump Lake which features peek a boo views of Mt Garibaldi.

Distance: 6.5km
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 2-3 hours

Where to Buy and Rent Gear

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Never hit the trails unprepared, whether you choose to rent or purchase hiking equipment the most important thing is to make sure you have it before starting your adventure. From hats to boots the entire gamut of hiking and camping gear is available for purchase at Escape Route and Valhalla Pure Outfitters


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Brandywine Ridge

Hike through a flowery alpine valley, following rough paths creek to creek towards boulder-covered heather slopes, then climb a talus slope to gain a beautiful tarn skirting a rocky ridge. At the ridge, you will see gratifying views of the Mount Fee Spires, Tricouni and Cypress Peak, Mount Garibaldi, the Tantalus Range, Rainbow Mountain, Whistler, Black Tusk, and many other glaciated summits in the distance.

Distance: 15km
Difficulty: Intermediate to difficult
Time: 5-8 hours

Al's Habrich Ridge Trail 

Access the alpine in style, take a ride in the new Sea to Sky Gondola to the start of your hiking adventure. Al's Habrich Ridge Trail is one of Squamish's flagship backcountry hiking trails. Enjoy epic views of Howe Sound, Skypilot Mountain and Habrich itself. The trail weaves through old growth forest, ancient glacial formations, creeks and waterfalls and offers a half to full day excursion for those seeking a little more from their hike. Dotted with granite outcroppings, subalpine meadows and the picturesque Neverland Lake, Al’s Habrich Trail is not to be missed.

Distance: 7km
Difficulty: Intermediate
Time: Around 5 hours

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