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From Squamish with Love: A romantic cocktail with a twist

Valentine's Day or not, we're always on the hunt for new recipes featuring locally grown and produced ingredients - especially when they involve booze. We recently turned to Kelly Ann Woods, award-winning mixologist and co-owner of Squamish's craft distillery Gillespies Fine Spirits for a lesson on making the best Valentine's Day cocktail ever using Aphro, a premium vodka product infused with cacao, chilli and vanilla, each of which are known aphrodisiacs.  

Her version of a mojito-style cocktail just might have you making it year round.


The Cocktail: Aphrojito

The Ingredients:

In a Collins (tall highball glass), combine the following:

- 6 mint leaves

- 1 teaspoon of raw cane sugar

- 4 strawberries, quartered

- 2 oz. chili chocolate Aphro



Using a muddler or end of a wooden spoon, muddle until combined. Add 2 oz of chili chocolate aphro and stir to combine. Top with ice and add soda to finish. Garnish with a slit strawberry on the edge of the glass and a sprig of mint.



Gillespies Fine Spirits is Squamish's first craft distillery that has produced and bottled fine spirits including Sin Gin, Lemoncello, Gastown Shine and Aphro, all of which are available to sample at the distillery during its tasting hours every Thursday through Sunday from 1 pm to 11 pm. Cocktails are served Thursday through Saturday after 6 pm. 


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