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Exploring Squamish by Scooter

Photo: Tourism Squamish

Exploring Squamish by Scooter

Turn "getting there" into a thrilling all-day activity and soak up a unique view of Squamish on a self-guided scooter tour through our beautiful mountain town. Read on to discover tips and places to ride. 

Riding Tips 

Hourly and daily scooter rentals are available 7 days a week from Squamish Powersports. We recommend following these tips to maximize your fun on two wheels.

  • Get oriented: Give yourself a few minutes at the beginning of your tour to get a feel for your scooter, learn how to operate your turning signal and get comfortable rounding corners. 
  • Make a plan: Choose where you would like to explore and request to have your scooter dropped off close to your starting point, delivery is included in the rental price.
  • Be careful on the highway: Rental scooter top speeds max out around 70km per hour, for a more relaxed driving experience stick to side and dirt roads, the highway is easy to avoid in Squamish.
  • Go for gravel: Scooters handle very well on gravel and dirt roads, seek them out and have fun!
 Getting ready to ride at the Squamish Adventure Centre

Sample Itinerary: The Squamish Spit and downtown Squamish

9 am: Start your tour at the Squamish Adventure Centre and familiarize yourself with your scooter in the parking lot and along Loggers Lane.

9:30 am: Take Cleveland Ave to downtown Squamish and turn right on Bailey Street towards the Squamish Estuary.

9:45 am: Make your way down Spit Road and be sure to pull over for all of the viewpoints. Once you arrive at the end of the road, enjoy a snack and try to spot Squamish's iconic landmarks. From left to right (north to south) you should be able to see Mount Garibaldi, Mamquam Mountain, the Squamish EstuaryStawamus Chief, Sky Pilot Mountain, Shannon Falls and Howe Sound

11:30 am: Return to downtown Squamish and visit Howe Sound Brew Pub for lunch. If the patio is open eat lunch en plein air and savour the Stawamus Chief views directly from your table. 

12:30 pm: Explore downtown Squamish and drive through the rainbow crosswalk intersection on Cleveland Avenue and Victoria Street. Return to the Squamish Adventure Centre

View the above points of interest on a map

One of the many viewpoints on Spit Road
Enjoying the view at the end of Spit Road
Colourful views outside Howe Sound Brewing

Colourful views in downtown Squamish

Other Scooter Destinations

Squamish Valley

Zip deep into the Squamish Valley and chase the Squamish River running parallel to Squamish Valley Road. The quiet road is paved a long way out before eventually switching to gravel. Along the way, you will pass countless riverside viewpoints some of which look out towards the Tantalus Range. A popular destination is the Ashlu Road bridge located at kilometre 22, be sure to stop here and head down to the river for a snack before turning around. 

Paradise Valley

Escape civilization and ride along Paradise Valley Road. The lush rainforest on either side of the road is littered with teal blue creeks, vibrant neon moss and plenty of wildlife. We recommend driving past the Cheakamus Centre all the way to Tenderfoot Creek Hatchery to explore the nearby trails. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife, bears are common in the area. Find out more about bear safety here.

Rental Details

Scooter rentals are available seven days a week through Squamish Powersports. Rentals are available hourly or daily and can accommodate groups size of up to four people. Call 778.288.6283 or click here for more information.

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