Explore Squamish - March 10, 2016

Dine out: This new restaurant fuses New Orleans and the spirit of Squamish


One of the most anticipated restaurant openings of 2015, Downtown Squamish’s Copper Coil Still and Grill has proven that southern charm really does exist. The restaurant has successfully combined New Orleans soul food with the spirit of Squamish in a menu that features quality local ingredients such as BC oysters, local crab, Pemberton Valley Bison and BC craft beer.


The Big Filthy Porker: Slow cooked, smoked port lathered in maple bourbon bbq sauce, kale and cilantro slaw, pork rub mayo and pickle on brioche ($13.95)

Smoked Oyster Po Boy: In-house smoked oysters, spicy remoulade, butter lettuce and red onions three ways (fresh, pickled, fried) on a traditional hoagie bun. ($16.95)

Mouth Watering Ribs (Gluten Free): Smoked, soaked, rubbed and then lathered in our sweet maple bbq sauce. (Full: $25.95/Half: $17.95)

The Copper Coil Still and Grill is located at 37996 Cleveland Avenue and open daily from 11am to midnight.