7 Epic Places to Watch The Sunset in Squamish

Posted on: April 9, 2024

7 Epic Places to Watch The Sunset in Squamish

7 Epic Places to Watch The Sunset in Squamish

Sunsets are one of the great pleasures in life, and it is always worth the effort to get outside and see them as often as you can. In Squamish, there are numerous spots to watch the sun go down, from the ocean to the summits of the local peaks and a few spots in between.

They say that sunsets are life's way of showing us that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully. Here's proof. 

1. The Summit of the Stawamus Chief

Sunset from the Stawamus ChiefImage: @jennaiacobucci

This definitely requires a little more oomph to get up and possibly a headlamp to get down, but if you’re fit, technically savvy and comfortable in the mountains, watching the sunset from the summit of the Stawamus Chief is breathtaking and something you will remember forever.     

Know before you go: Remember to bring a flashlight (or headlamp) and wear appropriate footwear. The descent can be tricky in the dark so make sure you are prepared.

2. Porteau Cove

7 Epic Places to Watch The Sunset in Squamish ImageImage: @the_tiny_adventurer

There’s nothing like camping on the ocean. Even better is renting one of the cabins on the shores of Howe Sound in Porteau Cove Provincial Park. With plenty of water access on both sides of the parking lot, as well as shores to beachcomb and stroll as the sun dips down below the horizon, Porteau Cove is one of the best spots to watch the evening glow of the sun on the waters of the Sound. 

Know before you go: Remember to always pack out what you pack in, day OR night.

3. Lookouts in Murrin Park

7 Epic Places to Watch The Sunset in Squamish ImageImage: @samanthamichl

Along the Murrin Park Loop Trail in Murrin Provincial Park, there are two lookouts with small benches that give panoramic views of Howe Sound. The sunset views here are breathtaking. The mountains and the ocean come aglow with that perfect evening light. Bring a thermos of tea and some snacks and enjoy the end of your day.  

4. Smoke Bluffs

7 Epic Places to Watch The Sunset in Squamish ImageImage: @thrinbo

This is Squamish's secret spot hidden right in the middle of it all. You can park just down the road from the Squamish Adventure Centre to access the Smoke Bluffs, then meander the trails as you head up and before you know it BAM! there are three lookouts that offer epic views of Downtown Squamish, the Stawamus Chief and Howe Sound.

5. The Top of the Sea to Sky Gondola

7 Epic Places to Watch The Sunset in Squamish ImageImage: @vancity_mushins

With a ride both up and down (if you so choose), how can you say no? The views from the lookouts, patios and bridges at the Sea to Sky Gondola offer plenty of opportunities to enjoy that beautiful glow at altitude. 

Know before you go: Be sure to check their daily hours and know when the last download is. You can also keep updated on their special events that may (in some cases) allow for the gondola to be open later. Check their website to learn more. 

6. Sea to Sky Highway

7 Epic Places to Watch The Sunset in Squamish ImageImage: @mckinlayphoto

In Squamish we consider ourselves blessed to be located along one of the prettiest highways on Earth. Highway 99 travels from Vancouver up through Squamish and beyond, and along that wonderful path are an assortment of lookouts just begging to be stopped at. Easily pull right off the highway at the marked pull outs and take a moment to stretch your legs, enjoy the view and linger for a moment before hitting the road once again. You won't regret it!

7. Elfin Lakes

7 Epic Places to Watch The Sunset in Squamish Image

Photo: @isabjacques

Located 11km into Garibaldi Provincial Park on an alpine ridge, Elfin Lakes is one of the best places to camp in Southern BC. Be sure to arrive early enough to watch the sun go down. The alpenglow on the surrounding peaks and glaciers will leave you wanting to stay. 

Know before you go: Be packed and prepared with everything you need to spend the night. Check the weather forecast and plan accordingly.

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