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Best Places to Watch The Sunset in Squamish

Photo: D'Arcy McLeish

Sunsets are one of the great pleasures in life and it is always worth the effort to get outside and see them as often as you can. In Squamish, there are a few great spots to watch the sun go down, from the ocean to the summits of the local peaks and a few spots in between. Here are our favourites. 

Nexen Beach

There’s nothing better than watching a sunset on the ocean. My favourite waterfront spot to watch one in Squamish is Nexen Beach. Just a short walk from downtown, Nexen Beach is an awesome place to wind down the day. When the sun sets, the glow off The Chief, Garibaldi and Shannon Falls is spectacular. 




Nexen Beach
The best time of day, especially when you're on the ocean.
Photo - D'Arcy McLeish




The Summit of the Chief

This definitely requires a little more oompf to get up and possibly a headlamp to get down, but if you’re fit, technically savvy and comfortable in the mountains, watching the sunset from the summit of the Chief is breathtaking and something you will remember forever. 

The Summit Lodge at The Sea To Sky Gondola

Wine, food, and maybe even some live music; sounds good doesn’t it. Add to that a deck with some of the best views in all of BC and you’re in heaven. The sunsets from the Summit Lodge at the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola are not to be missed. From the Sky Pilot Massif to the Chief, Garibaldi, the Tantalus Range and Howe Sound, the views from the summit of the gondola are fantastic and make for one of the best places to end your day watching the sun disappear behind the mountains. 




Sunset at Nexen Beach
Photo - D'Arcy McLeish




Porteau Cove

There’s nothing like camping on the ocean. Even better is renting one of the cabins on the shores of Howe Sound in Porteau Cove Provincial Park. Either way, the sunsets here are beautiful, and make for one of the best places to watch the evening glow of the sun on the waters of the Sound. 

Lookouts in Murrin Park

Along the Murrin Park Loop Trail in Murrin Provincial Park, there are a two lookouts with small benches that give panoramic views of Howe Sound. The Sunset views here breathtaking. The mountains and the ocean come alight with that perfect evening light. Bring a thermos of a tea and some snacks and enjoy the end of your day.




Chief Sunset
Storm clouds behind Garibaldi lit up at dusk from the Sea to Sky Gondola
Photo - D'Arcy McLeish




Elfin Lakes

Located 11km into Garibaldi Park on an alpine ridge, Elfin Lakes is one of the best places to camp in Southern BC. But get there early enough to watch the sun go down. The alpenglow on the surrounding peaks and glaciers will leave you wanting to stay a create memories for a lifetime. 

That time of day when the sun starts to go down is magical. Everything is a little crisper and a little more beautiful. Sunsets are a good reminder of why we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. 


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