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6 Reasons to Visit Squamish in Spring

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Spring in Squamish: it's a season of snowy alpine and warm valleys, muddy bike trails and rushing waterfalls, longer days and the never-ending confusion about what the heck to wear when you go outside. Thinking about visiting Squamish this Spring? You should! Here's a few reasons to convince you further.

Longer days = more time for adventures

With daylight savings on March 12th, there will be more hours so we can adventure longer outside. Spring days also bring milder temperatures, meaning perfect weather for hiking, biking and other outdoor activities. While there will be the expected drizzly days, overall Spring in Squamish is a lovely time of year to visit. Besides, here we embrace the rain anyway!

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Early Season Biking

If you love a good sticky trail and the feel of mud on the back of your legs, then early season mountain bike riding is your time to shine. We’ve had some snow in the valley a bit later than usual this year, but you can still feel Spring coming on and the snow will melt in no time, opening up the lower elevation trails for riding.

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Quieter Attractions

Prior to the summer surge, attractions tend to be less busy, especially during mid-week. Enjoy fewer line-ups, plentiful parking, and peaceful space. There is also a variety of events on, so be sure to visit our Events Calendar to find out more. Join in on the fun for St. Patrick’s Day, Spring Break, and Easter, there's even a Model Train and Hobby Show

Britannia Mine MuseumImage: Britannia Mine Museum

Wonderful Water

Surging waterfalls, super fun river rapids, therapeutic cold plunges- whatever way to get wet (or at least admire it from a dry spot) appeals to you, we’ve got it. The melting snowpack, warmer temperatures, and spring rains all contribute to excellent conditions for water-related activities. The array of waterfalls in the Squamish area really start pumping, or you can head downriver with Canadian Outback Rafting Company to get up close and personal once they reopen in April. AIKA Spa provides the perfect riverside setting to relax and unwind by a rushing river, or hop into their cold plunge pools to give your system a healthy jolt.

Safety Tip - Always take care when walking near waterfalls and rivers. Water levels can change quickly and nearby rocks can be slippery. Be sure to wear sturdy hiking shoes or boots, never climb on or around waterfalls, and supervise children and pets carefully.

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Accommodation Deals

Get more bang for your buck by booking a spot in Squamish before summer hits. Rates are lower, more availability makes it easier to plan, plus there are some deals to be found. From resort hotels, family-friendly spots, and quaint cabins, you’re sure to find the perfect location to relax and catch some Z’s while you’re here.

Deal Alert - Right now when you book a 3 or 4 consecutive night stay at the Executive Suites Hotel & Resort there is a discount. Stay 3 nights and save 20% or stay 4 nights and save 25%. Offer is available through April 30th and is available over Spring Break.

Image: Executive Suites Hotel & Resort

Dual Sport Days

While the snow lingers in the alpine for snowshoe hikes and tubing, down in the valley the trails are clearing for bikes and the granite is calling for climbers. Check the weather and if you play your cards right, you could be doing both winter and spring activities on the same day!

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When Spring hits Squamish it brings with it a fresh energy that is rejuventating and inspirational. Watch the buds burst forth on the trees, deeply breath the fresh air and release any tensions. With the lively twitter of birds, the scent of cherry blossoms in the air, and the sound of trickling water engaging your senses, you'll know you made the right choice to visit during special time of year.

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