5 Hiking Trails You've Never Heard of in Squamish

Posted on: March 12, 2021

5 Hiking Trails You've Never Heard of in Squamish

5 Hiking Trails You've Never Heard of in Squamish

Squamish is a hiker's paradise. Loaded with rugged granite peaks, teal green glacial lakes, tree-covered forests and pounding waterfalls Squamish is dripping with all the things that make nature such a spectacular place to be. Home to so many bucket list trails, some of the lesser-known hikes remain off the beaten path. Read on to discover 5 hiking trails you've never heard of in Squamish.

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1. Slhaney Hike

Seldom visited the rare views from the Slhaney trail are prized by photographers. The trail to the top is a lesser maintained extension of the Stawamus Chief trail and shares the same parking lot and trailhead. At the junction to first and third peak follow the trail to the third peak and continue until the next junction where you will turn right again, you are now on the Slhaney trail. The path is well-forested and sporadically marked, you will pass by a section of abundant yellow flagging, this will lead you 5 minutes off-trail to a scenic viewpoint. Though less exciting than the viewpoint continuing to Slhaney peak is worth the extra effort. Return the way you came.

Dog-Friendly: Yes
Length: 14.5 km
Duration: 6 hours
Difficulty: Difficult

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2. Upper Shannon Falls  

When the Sea to Summit trail was built (an extension of this trail) the route to the Upper Shannon Falls received a major upgrade and has since been steadily rising in popularity. You can start the hike from either the Stawamus Chief or Shannon Falls parking lots, both are marked and will lead you to the first junction of the Stawamus Chief trail. From here take a right as the trail flattens out meandering through the forest until you pop out underneath the gondola on a large stretch of granite. From here there will be ropes to assist you on the final push to the falls. You will know you have arrived when you hear the booming sound of the water. Return the way you came or continue on the Sea to Summit Trail to the Summit Lodge at the Sea to Sky Gondola.

Dog-Friendly: Yes
Length: 4 km
Duration: 4 hours
Difficulty: Intermediate

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3. Tantalus View Trail at Brohm Lake

Despite its beauty, the trail network around Brohm Lake remains largely unknown. You can park your car in the Brohm Lake parking lot where you will see a large map board that gives a detailed overview of the area. Our recommended loop starts off on the Bridge Trail located at the Southern end of the parking lot. After crossing the wood bridge take a right at the junction onto High Trail. Continue straight past the next junction and pay attention for a well-marked turn off for the Tantalus View Trail. After you enjoy the lookout return the way you came but instead of continuing on High Trail take a left and follow the Connector Trail followed by the Brohm Lake Trail to loop back to the parking lot.

Dog-Friendly: Yes
Length: Around 5 km
Duration: 3.5 hours
Difficulty: Intermediate

4. High Falls Creek 

High Falls is one of Squamish's wildest waterfalls. To reach the trailhead turn onto the Squamish Valley Road and after it turns to gravel continue on it for 19km. You will reach a bridge over the outlet of a hydro station, park your car here, the trail begins about 100m past the bridge. The trail follows the climber’s left side of the canyon above High Creek Falls passing several viewpoints. Some spots will require route finding, but most of the trail is well marked. The trail ends above the canyon on a logging road. Once on the road, hang a left, and it’s a 5km walk back down to the Squamish Valley Road.

Dog-Friendly: Yes
Length: 11km km
Duration: 4-5 hours
Difficulty: Difficult

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5. Levette Lake

Levette Lake is a large mountain lake laced with picturesque cabins, thick forests and encircled by a range of mountains. To reach the trailhead you will need a 4x4 with high clearance, but once you start your hike the rest of your journey is a walk in the park. To reach the parking lot turn off the highway onto Paradise Valley Road and turn left onto Levette Lake Forest Road following the signs for Levette Lake. From the parking lot follow the path to the lake, there you can choose to loop around or relax on the shores and go for a swim. For those seeking a more removed-from-the-world experience return to the parking lot and continue hiking past the red gate. Around 3km down the path you will come across Hut Lake, a smaller and lesser known sister to Levette Lake with matching clear waters and mountainside beauty.  

Dog-Friendly: Yes
Length: Less than 1 km (add 6km roundtrip for the Hut Lake extension)
Duration: 20 minutes (add 2 hours for the Hut Lake extension)
Difficulty: Easy

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