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3 Bottles to gift this season plus festive cocktail recipes for the holiday host

Looking for that perfect gift for the liquor lover on your list? Kelly Ann Woods, Squamish’s own award-winning distiller, mixologist and co-owner of Gillespies Fine Spirits suggests three crowd-pleasing bottles along with signature cocktail recipes for your next holiday affair.

1. Cafe Crema

This new baileyesque coffee cream liqueur is a holiday-season must. Enjoy it on its own, over ice or in your favourite cup of coffee. 

2. Lemoncello

It’s everything you love about lemonade - only stronger, and likely much more tasty.

3. Aphro

Infused with cacao, chilli and vanilla (all of which are known aphrodisiacs), this premium vodka is likely quite different than any other you’ve tried, and that is a good thing.

Cafe Crema, Lemoncello and Aphro are each available in 375ml bottles making them a perfect size for stocking stuffers and hostess gifts. Aphro and Lemoncello are also available in 750ml bottles.



In a flute combine 1.5 oz Gillespie's Lemoncello, top with sparking wine and add pomegranate seeds for a distinctly festive feel.

Aphro Old Fashioned

In a rocks glass, add 1 sugar cube, douse with 5 shakes of bitters and a couple of drops of water and make a paste by stirring the mixture with a bar spoon. Add 2 oz Gillespie's Aphro and stir to dissolve. Add lots of ice, give it a stir, take a big peel off of a fresh orange, twist and add it to the drink.

Gillespies Fine Spirits is Squamish's craft distillery that has produced and bottled fine spirits including Sin Gin, Lemoncello, Gastown Shine and Aphro, all of which are availble to sample at the distillery during its tasting hours every Friday through Sunday from noon to 6pm. You can also tour the distillery every Saturday and Sunday at 2pm.

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