Tourism Squamish



We see an overwhelming amount of garbage being left behind in our parks and forests each year. We need to do better.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Always pack out what you pack in.
  • Dispose of garbage, recyclables, and organics appropriately – ALWAYS pack it out with you. Every. Last. Piece.
  • Need to know how to dispose of your garbage? You can find all that info HERE
  • The Squamish Landfill is located on Landfill Road in the Brackendale neighbourhood off of Highway 99. It is open daily from 9AM to 5:45PM (Closed on December 25 and January 1)
  • Even organic items should not be littered, chances are they are not natural to this area.
  • Be sure to pack waste bags for both dog and human waste.
  • Do not throw your garbage in fire pits or outhouses – these are not a garbage cans.
  • Litter attracts wildlife and increases wildlife-human conflict. Garbage animals become troublesome animals and may be destroyed because of human carelessness.
  • Nobody likes seeing litter on our trails or in our parks, so why leave your litter for others?

Remember - leaving garbage laying around ruins the experience for everyone. Please do not litter.