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Wind & Kite Surfing

Get Some Air. There are very few spots in the world where wind, water, and land merge to provide a flawless environment for both wind and kite surfing. Howe Sound is one of them. Typically on a clear summer day, you’ll find a rainbow of windsurfers and kiteboarders out on the water. 

Getting There:

The Squamish Spit road that provided access directly to an unloading zone for wind sports has been partially removed (300m at the end of the road has been removed). To access the launch area, the Squamish Windsports Society is now offering a boat shuttle to "Spit Island" from the end of the Squamish Spit road. 

It is possible to walk across at low tide, however, all people accessing "Spit Island", whether by shuttle boat or walking must have a valid membership with the Squamish Windsports Society

Know Before You Go:

As you would before venturing out for any outdoor play, check the forecast before you head out. On a perfect day, Squamish will be warmer than Vancouver and cooler than Whistler. Dress warmly. Wet or dry suits are essential.

  • Read more about the changes for the 2022 season and "Spit Island" here.
  • Read about sign-in procedures at "Spit Island" here.
  • Read about best practices for shuttle boat loading to "Spit Island" here

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