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Get Some Air. There are very few spots in the world where wind, water and land merge to provide a flawless environment for both wind and kite surfing. The Squamish Spit is one of them. Visit the Spit on a clear summer day and you’ll find a rainbow of windsurfers, kiteboarders and spectators. Located at the mouth of the Squamish River as it enters Howe Sound, the Spit is a long, narrow piece of land and the first point of land struck by the wind, making it a must-visit for high-performance windsports. Recent upgrades have made this once-secret Squamish sweetspot even more accessible with its expanded parking and launch area.

Getting There (to the Squamish Spit) - by land or by boat:

Heading north on the Sea to Sky Highway, continue past Downtown Squamish until you reach Industrial Way where you will turn left. Turn right at the Queen’s Way T intersection and follow Queens Way until it curves left and becomes Government Road. Follow Government Road 1 kilometre past the train tracks, to a small sign for The Spit on your right. Continue down the gravel route until you reach another T intersection where you will turn left. Follow the gravel road until you reach the hiking trailhead signs on your left for the Estuary. Continue to the end of the road to reach the Spit.


Start your session from downtown Squamish at Squamish Watersports. Get dropped upwind from an inflatable zodiac, enjoy your session and get then a ride back downtown after. Enjoy the hot tub and hot showers at the shop after your session in the cold Howe Sound waters.

Know Before You Go:

As you would before venturing out for any outdoor play, check the forecast before you head out. On a perfect day at the Spit, Squamish will be warmer than Vancouver and cooler than Whistler. Dress warmly. Wet or dry suits are essential.

Visitors should also be aware that the area is a designated Wildlife Management Area. Please drive slowly and consider the surrounding habitat when entering.

Watersports Community and Off-Duty Rescue:

Though the Squamish Wind Sports Society is only open from May 15- September 15, there is often great wind before and after the season. Squamish Watersports offers lessons, supervision and upwind drops everyday that there is wind. They help out the kiteboarding community and make sure everyone has a good time on the water, they also provide rescues when the SWS is off duty. 

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