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Cross country, downhill, or freeride, you will not run out of satisfying singletrack in this town. Welcome to the home of some of the greatest mountain biking in Canada.

Serving up over 300 kilometers of singletrack, Mountain Bike Magazine has named Squamish as one of the top 25 wildest and most exotic places to ride in the world. Tucked between Vancouver and Whistler and situated in a valley with surrounding mountains, Squamish's endless kilometers of mountain biking trails range from gentle cruises in the estuary and friendly cross country trails to hairball downhill descents. No matter your skill level, you will not run out of satisfying singletrack in this town.

Cultivated over years of sustainable trail development by a vibrant culture of local mountain bikers and trail builders, Squamish is home of some of Canada's best mountain biking trails. There are trails here for all ages and abilities that are easily accessible for those who live life on two wheels. Technical singletrack, long rock slabs, fast, loamy descents, jump trails, climb trails and pump tracks, Squamish is a mountain biker’s paradise.

Squamish's local mountain bike culture is friendly and welcoming, and there are a wealth of resources for riders both new to the sport and new to the area. Riding is part of our culture and there’s a pride here in building and maintaining a world class network of singletrack and freeride trails. 

Where to go:

Diamond Head / Quest University

This area is located in above Quest University along the Garibaldi Park Forest Service road above the Garibaldi Highlands sub division. It is probably one of the best known areas for riding in Squamish, made famous by the construction of the popular trail Half Nelson. There is a huge variety of trails in this area with easy access to a massive network. All varieties from flow to technical to steep and gnarly can be found in this zone. This is also the only area for vehicle access making it paydirt for big bike shuttles. This area is well signed and easy to navigate. Popular trails in this zone include: Half Nelson, Pseudo-Tsuga, Legacy Climb, Angry M, Word of Mouth, Somewhere Over There, Cake Walk.

Valleycliffe / Crumpit Woods
This area is located in the south of Squamish and offers a network of intermediate to expert singletrack trails. The majority of the trails here are cross country with some advanced to expert decents. This area is not very well signed so be sure to bring a map / guidebook or the APP with GPS along. Popular trails in the zone include: Far Side, Farther Side, Meet Your Maker, Endo. 
Alice Lake / Garibaldi Highlands

This area is located between Alice Lake Provincial Park and the Garibaldi Highlands sub division. There are loads of trails in this zone ranging from beginner to expert. The majority of trails are hand built and combine technical cross country riding with some flow sections. There are three main arteries to access the trails here: Jack's Trail, Mashiter Trail and 50 Shades of Green. Popular trails in this zone include:Cliff's Corners, Rob's Corners, Wonderland, Rupert, Entrails, Credit Line.

Cat Lake/Brohm Lake

The trails in this area are not numerous, but they are very rewarding. Expect long descents with exciting wood features. This area is best appreciated by connecting a few trails to allow you to see what the whole region has to offer. Check out Cheshire Cat for a tricky intermediate downhill singletrack.

*Please note that there are very active bears in the Cat Lake recreation area. Please use caution and never leave food unattended or garbage behind.


Often referred to as the "dump trails" this area offers a fair bit of variety at the beginner to intermediate levels. The trails are flat and rooty with soft dirt. Popular trails in this zone include: Ray Peters Trail, Rusty Bucket, Cracked Patella, Zombie Crawl.

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