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Take a hike. Squamish is well-known for its rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, kite surfing and more, but surprisingly it's the hiking in Squamish that is often overlooked. Fall in love with Squamish on foot through one of its many hiking trails that will take you on trips along rivers, lakes, ancient rainforests and vast mountainous terrain.

Hiking is a great equalizer. Accessible to anyone with a good pair of shoes, it's simple living at its finest. Squamish has a whole host of hiking trails to choose from, ranging in difficulty from simple walks along the Squamish waterfront and some easy hikes in and around town, to the more challenging hikes in Murrin Provincial Park and the terrain around Elfin Lakes in Garibaldi Provincial Park (day pass required). Take a walk through the Smoke Bluffs and marvel at the rock climbers dangling from their ropes. Enjoy watching the kiteboarders on a sunny afternoon on the oceanfront trail. Or take a walk through some of the dual purpose trails and see what mountain bikers talk about when they refer to 'epic singletrack'.

Squamish has some truly spectacular hikes for all levels and abilities and offers everything from small half-day trips to multi-day backpacking adventures, all accessible within 10 minutes. 

Come and join us for a walk in the woods.


Where to Go

Alice Lake Provincial Park

Home to one of Squamish's most vibrant sections of rainforest, Alice Lake Provincial Park offers shelter from the rain underneath a thick canopy of trees, gorgeous lake viewpoints, and plenty of space to wander in the woods. Many of Squamish trail running races take place here, and with good reason as some of Squamish's best singletrack can be found in this park. Hikers can delight in a visit to one of the parks four charming mountain lakes; Stump, Edith, Fawn and Alice. There are dozens of trails waiting to be discovered, and the most popular are Four Lakes Trail, the Swamp Lantern Trail, Jacks and Wonderland. 

Brohm Lake

Enjoy 10km worth of wooden trails circumnavigation Brohm Lake and the surrounding area. The forest here is breathtaking and includes a few old-growth trees and plenty of tall second growth. The west side of the trail network includes jaw-dropping views towards the Tantalus Range and even an old fire lookout that is a fun place to explore. Another highlight is the old wooden bridge immediately south of the main parking lot. Popular day hikes in the area include Brohm Lake Trail around the lake's perimeter, the High Trail, which leads to the fire lookout and the Alder Trail, which doubles as a second access point if the main parking lot is full. 

Squamish Valley

A crown jewel of Squamish. Home to tall mountains and lots of off the radar hikes. This whole zone is one of the most remote hiking areas in Squamish and features expansive viewpoints looking towards the snaking Squamish River. Beware of bear activity and be extra mindful of leaving food along the trail. The most popular hikes in this zone are Crooked Falls and High Falls Creek. There are also plenty of mountaineering and scrambling routes up local peaks such as Tricouni and Cypress Peak and Cloudburst Mountain. 

Know Before You Go

Visit the Squamish Adventure Centre for maps, guide books suggested trail routes and everything you need to know to help plan your adventure.

A Word of Caution

Remember that hiking is often in remote places where even a small injury can turn into a rescue epic. There is wildlife, and inherent risk associated with tramping through the woods. Please keep this in mind and be mindful of your surroundings. Bring extra food, water and clothing as weather and conditions in the mountains can change instantly. Finally, pack out what you pack in to help keep our area clean. 

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Trails In Squamish

Trails In Squamish

Squamish has a trail system that is envied around the world. Our network of trails is used by walkers, hikers, mountain bikers, horseback riders, trials riders and dirt bikers. Explore some of our most popular trails as well as some of our lesser-known gems.

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