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Eagles by Bike

See one of North America’s largest congregations of wintering bald eagles by bike

Enjoy a relaxing ride around Squamish while your knowledgable guide takes you on a tour to see the Squamish eagles up close. From the saddle of your bike, you will pedal your way around the picturesque home of the wintering bald eagles. Big Squamish views such as the Stawamus Chief, local waterways and panoramic mountain views will make photography opportunities endless. Tours are available on standard mountain bikes or on e-bikes with Ride BC.

This tour is family-friendly as suitable for kids ages 8 and up. Kids must be tall enough to ride a 20" bike frame. 


Where to View the Squamish Eagles

Where to View the Squamish Eagles

There are lots of places to see the bald eagles in Squamish, but to get the best views in town be sure to check out these top spots.

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Where to View the Squamish Eagles