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Eagle Floats

Eagle watching has been a favourite winter activity in Squamish that has been enjoyed by visitors and locals for many years. There is no better way to get a closer view of these majestic birds than from a scenic float. The experience of floating down the Squamish and Mamquam rivers surrounded by quiet nature provides a non-intrusive opportunity to get up close with the eagles in their natural habitat.

Take in the unforgettable experience of an Eagle Float tour, a gentle boating trip down the Squamish and Mamquam Rivers. This unique vantage point is perfect for observing and photographing the birds. During the tour you'll have the opportunity to learn more about these magnificent birds from experienced guides. Eagle Float tours are available from November 20, 2021 through to January 31st, 2022 and can be booked through Squamish Rafting

For anyone interested in wildlife, bird watching or photography an Eagle Float tour in Squamish is an especially memorable experience that is suitable for all ages. 

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