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Britannia Mine Museum

Online bookings are strongly recommended, please visit Britannia Mine Museum's website. 

Located in beautiful Britannia Beach just 10 minutes south of Squamish, this 10-acre award-winning museum and National Historic Site is full of all-ages fun including rock and mineral activities, gold panning, museum tours and an underground mine train that you can ride on yourself. It rocks!

Summer 2022 Programming


'More Than A Mine: Recreation in a Mining Town' on until September 5th, 2022. Learn more about this exhibit here.

Live in the Lab:  Summer Drop-In Sessions

Join historic interpreters in the TerraLabdaily from July 1st-September 5th at 2pm to 4pm for drop-in Live in the Lab sessions. These programs explore the environmental legacy of Britannia Mine through fun hands-on experiments. 

Sundays to Wednesdays: “The Chemistry of Clean Up” explores the processes that have allowed the Epcor Britannia Mine Water Treatment Plant to remove 600 000 kilograms of heavy metal contamination from our waters annually. Guides will demonstrate the processes of flocculation and filtration using real water samples from the mine. 

Thursdays to Saturdays: “Mini Mud Monsters” will zoom in on the amazing animals that live in Britannia Creek today. In addition to playing important roles in the food chain, the insects and other aquatic animals we study can send us messages about the health of local waters. 

Both programs are included with Museum admission. Each session lasts from 8-15 minutes depending on group size. 

Friday August 8th: Old Town, New Queens: Pride Night at the Museum

Museum Experience

Britannia Mine Museum opens up a little-seen world that fascinates all ages, offering awe-inspiring sights and memorable family experiences. Take a step back in time at this award-winning attraction and National Historic Site. Offering an immersive experience through a range of exhibits, tours and an award-winning, multi-sensory, live-action show, guests experience what it was like to be working and living in a remote, tight-knit community and consider their own personal connection with materials mined today.

Image: Britannia Mine Museum


An award-winning attraction right here at Britannia Mine Museum! Discover the captivating story of the Mill with an imaginative storytelling experience unlike anything else in North America. Staged within the almost 100-year-old Mill building, BOOM! will bring the architectural marvel thundering back to life with lights, sounds and special effects.

Terra Lab

The Terra Lab shares the science of mining exploration, development and remediation. When the mine was active, this building was one of the company’s assay labs - a space where scientists could test rock samples to determine their ingredients and concentration. This history is now reflected in the Terra Lab’s entry foyer, where you will find examples of authentic assay equipment and information about the kinds of experiments that were performed here.

Britannia Mine’s successful search for valuable minerals allowed the company to thrive, but it also had a far-reaching impact on the surrounding environment. In the main portion of the lab, graphics, specimens and multimedia displays examine the chemical process known as acid rock drainage, and the ways modern remediation is restoring biodiversity to Britannia’s waters.

After visiting the Terra Lab, visitors will take away concrete examples of how science, technology and community collaboration are creating a more sustainable mining future.

Mill 3

This incredible building is the reason behind the Britannia Mine Museum’s designation as a National Historic Site. Inside this stunning industrial landmark is where the ore was once processed.

Image: Britannia Mine Museum


Underground Tour

Experience what life as a miner would have been like in 1914 by climbing aboard the museum’s mine train that will take you inside an early haulage tunnel where you’ll find actual working drills and a mucking machine.

Good to Know: Temperatures underground average about 12 degrees Celsius. A sweater or light jacket is recommended.


Gold Panning Pavilion

It’s finders-keepers in the museum’s gold panning area where you’ll find panning troughs at various heights for visitors young and old to go for the gold.

Image: Britannia Mine Museum

Family Play Area

The Britannia Mine Museum is fully-equipped for family fun with a giant sand pit, playground boat and a snack area with nearby amenities.

Britannia A to Z Historical Exhibits

Learn what life in a mining town was really like in this beautifully-restored heritage building where you’ll find stories, archived photos and the original throne used in the Copper Queen pageant.

Minerals & Society in the Beaty Lundin Visitor Centre

This hands-on exhibit area has been specifically designed for little ones, with a Kids Place, award-winning film screenings, gold and mineral displays and interactive touch screens for an up-close look at the valuable world of mining. There’s even a Mining Hall of Fame!

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    'More Than A Mine: Recreation in a Mining Town' Exhibit

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