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Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park

Located along the west side of the Squamish River, Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park is a 755-hectare park that was established to protect critical bald eagle habitat for feeding, perching, and roosting. The park is closed for access by the public between October and March every year, to allow the eagles an opportunity to feed and rest during the harsh winter season.

The Eagle Run viewing shelter, located on the municipal dyke across from the BC Easter Seals Camp Squamish at 41015 Government Road, offers a prime location for viewing the wintering bald eagles in the park across the river. At the shelter, you’ll find an interpretive display and information on our eagle population as well as the salmon life cycle.

Getting There:

Exit the Sea to Sky Highway at Garibaldi Way and head north on Government Road to the viewing area.

We invite all eagle-lovers to visit the Eagle Run viewing shelter where there will be plenty of educational information, as well as gorgeous views of the eagles along the Squamish River. The best time to see the eagles is in the morning, from late October until early January. We recommend bringing binoculars as a way to see the eagles even closer. 

Eagle Watch volunteers will be conducting daily counts on the dike and will be posting these numbers on their website and Facebook page, so Eagle enthusiasts can check in to see how the eagles are doing.

Tips to Make the Most of Eagle Season

Tips to Make the Most of Eagle Season

An average of 1,300 eagles are counted in Squamish year after year. Read on for a list of seasonal viewing locations, locals tips and guided tours.

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