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Valhalla Pure Adventure Night - The Iceland Trifecta, and Rock Climbing in Howe Sound

An Icelandic trifecta with 4 Squamish adventurers on the trip of a lifetime - ice climbing, freediving and surfing on the edge of the world.

Iceland - the Land of Fire and Ice - is one of the only places you can go ice climbing all year 'round.

Reknowned for savage winds and freezing water, photographer Jimmy Martinello, professional climber Tim Emmett and freediving record holder Luca Malaguti - team up with adventure filmmaker Brian Hockenstein to explore Iceland and embrace the elements of nature in their rawest forms. The goal, to combine climbing inside the largest glacier in Eurpoe, with freediving in natural fresh water canyons formed by shifting tectonic plates and surfing waves in near-freezing water at the limits of what the human body can tollerate.

Closer to home, if you have ever wondered what it's like to paddleboard and climb in the Howe Sound, Tim and Jim talk us through some of the rock climbing developments accesible by water from Squamish. While it's great to travel in search of one-of-a-kind adventures, with an open mind and a keen eye, you can find opportunities for similar levels of flow-inducing feats, outside your front door.

This show will include:

  • A talk and slideshow presentation by Jimmy and Tim
  • A screening of a short documentary film from the trip which is sure to inspire and thrill 
  • Tim will also be talking about his recent trip to Greenland, ice climbing and free diving with Icebergs
  • Funds go towards touring the film around the world.
  • Beer, free raffle, and prizes too!

Supported by Vallhalla Pure Outfitters and Sea to Sky Freediving Co


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