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Brackendale Eagle Festival

A Tribute to our Birds of Prey.

Celebrate the 34th annual Brackendale Eagle Festival and Count 2020, a month-long festival featuring a special line-up of concerts, lecture series, art shows, group tours and the annual Bald Eagle Count held on the first Sunday in January. 

For the full schedule, more information about the Brackendale Eagle Festival, or for event tickets, visit the Brackendale Art Gallery website or call 604.898.3333.

The Brackendale Winter Eagle Count is conducted by trained volunteers for scientific purposes. It is not open to the public but if you would like to participate please contact volunteer [at] During the count day, you can go out to look at eagles or enjoy the amenities of the Brackendale Art Gallery as the count results are returned throughout the day.

Full Schedule

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Brackendale Art Gallery

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