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AirVenture: Trampoline or Skateboard Camp

Let kids be kids

During their day, campers will be coached in their chosen sport, either on the Trampolines or if taking the Skateboard camp then coaching on the mini ramp, as well as skate features.

For either Trampoline or Skateboard, campers will partake in activities and play games. It’s a day that is both lively and engaging! AirVenture is all about being active, learning skills and having fun in this awesome camp.

Important Information

Ages: 3 -4 y/o and K - Gr 6
Cost: $70 per Full Day, or $275 for Five Full Days!
Extended hours: Options for early drop-off and late pick up - AirTime, $8 extra.

Full Schedule

July 02, 2019July 03, 2019July 04, 2019July 05, 2019July 29, 2019July 30, 2019July 31, 2019August 01, 2019August 02, 2019August 26, 2019August 27, 2019August 28, 2019August 29, 2019August 30, 2019


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