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Northyards Cider Co.

Photo: Northyards Cider Co

Northyards Cider's tasting room is NOW CLOSED. For updates visit the Northyards Cider Facebook page

Northyards Cider Crafters of delicious cider live here

Many moons ago a railroad ran through the Northyards connecting Squamish's logging and milling industry to the rest of Canada, this area was the hustle and bustle of the community. Fast forward a few decades and the Northyards Cider Co. has been built out of the embers of old, coining its name from the historic area that stood in its place.

Keeping with the simplicity of older times the Northyard's Cider Co prides themselves in crafting delicious, clean, crisp and natural cider made from local BC apples. Their cider labels create a sense of nostalgia for the area and of Squamish's roots.

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