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Mountain Squeeze Juice Truck

Photo: Mountain Squeeze Juice Truck

Squamish Squeezed Into a Bottle

Mountain Squeeze is a mobile cold-pressed juicery in Squamish, BC fuelled by a love of fresh fruit, vegetables and of course, the mountains! They offer cold-pressed juice, vegan smoothies and food items, in a colourful, funky truck inspired by the vibrant landscape of BC.

Mountain Squeeze breathes the West Coast lifestyle. Their goal is to provide convenient, healthy choices to help people achieve balance and health. Mountain Squeeze juice is cold-pressed, so all of the beneficial enzymes, minerals, and vitamins are still intact to help make you feel amazing. Bottled juices are at available at favourite local spots including Cloudburst Cafe, or order online at www.mountainsqueeze.com.

Mountain Squeeze is here to help #NourishYourAdventure! 

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