5-Day Getaway Itineraries

5-Day Getaway

This summer, why not come to the Coast, where towering mountains touch the sea and adventure awaits at every turn. Spend some time immersing yourself in Squamish and let’s get to know each other a little better. It’s more than just a quick weekend, it’s a 5-Day Getaway that will give you space to breathe, savour the moments, and take the break that you really need.

Go on, you’ve earned it!

5-Day Getaway For Food Connoisseurs

We hope you’re hungry! Get ready to take a bite out of Squamish and dive into our diverse and delicious dining scene. On the 5-Day Getaway, you won’t have to trade one dining experience for another – you might just have time to visit all your top restaurants and maybe even return for round two of your favourites.

We do brunch, beers, and baked goods like no one’s business. Enjoy Pacific Northwest cuisine, munch on BBQ or pizzas, hit up food trucks, and stroll your way through Squamish’s culinary offerings while taking in the magnificent scenery and contemplating where to go next.

Just make sure you save room for dessert!


5-Day Getaway For Adventure Seekers

They call us Hardwired for Adventure for good reason! From flying high in the sky to traversing grandiose mountains, ascending our celebrated granite rockfaces to splashing in the cool waters that surround the town, Squamish can quench just about anyone's thirst for adventure and still leave you wanting more. Good thing you've got 5 days to try a bit of everything! Pack in as much action as you can or balance it out with some of Squamish's chill vibe. So how much adventure can you handle? Only you can make that decision - choose wisely.




5-Day Getaway For Couples

Romance, intrigue, adventure… no, we’re not talking about the newest blockbuster movie or best-selling novel. We’re referring to your trip to Squamish with the one you love best. How can you not be romanced by our lush forests and magical waterfalls? Nothing creates intrigue like watching your partner laugh, shout and tackle a new adventure they never dreamed of doing.

There’s something special in the water here, so come and discover for yourselves just how enchanting Squamish is for lovers. After days of enjoying fun activities, dining on divine cuisine, and relaxing in the mountain serenity, you’ll see why people fall deeply in love with Squamish (and with each other while they're here).



5-Day Getaway For Explorers

Squamish’s incredible terrain will take you from the sea to the sky, along rivers and oceanfront, over mighty boulders and through deep forests. At every turn, you'll discover astonishing beauty. Whether you prefer to hike, paddle, run, climb or meander your way through Squamish, we’ve got a wide array of suggestions that will take you exploring from the tippy-top of our local mountains right down to the azure waters of Howe Sound. The mountains are calling… will you answer?




5-Day Getaway For the Family

Squamish is a magical place for a family getaway, with plenty to do for everyone from little tykes to brooding teens. Every family is different and in Squamish, you can choose between indoor and outdoor adventures, educational activities, quiet exploration, or adrenaline-pumping experiences.

Choose between any of these awesome options and create a special itinerary that your whole family will be talking about for years to come.


5-Day Getaway For Nature Lovers

Is it the smell of the rich mountain air, the gentle sounds of the forest, the crunch of dirt beneath your toes, or the mist of water that caresses your face? It could be the aroma of a flower, a quick glimpse of wildlife, or perhaps just that transcendent connection that you only feel when you’re in nature. No matter what draws you to the great outdoors, Squamish has countless ways for you to take in these moments.




5-Day Getaway For the Friend Set

When was the last time you got away on a fun trip with your friends? Quality time spent with friends has been sorely missed by all of us. There’s no time like this summer to hit the road with your best pals, take in an awesome new adventure or activity and share some yummy food and copious amounts of laughs.

Let Squamish’s special charm make you feel like you were never apart.