3-Day Getaway Itineraries

The time has come to plan a trip away (but not too far away) from home. So put your hands in the air if you’re excited- we know we are! We’ve all been anxiously awaiting this moment to plan an escape and finally get out of town and do something fun.

With our 3-Day Getaway, we invite you to step outside…. and stay awhile. There’s plenty to do in Squamish from outdoor activities, dining, relaxing and adventure, so what’s the rush?

Pick your category and see our itineraries for easy planning. Read them all and mix and match to make your own personalized 3-Day Getaway.

The Lovebirds

Our 3 Day Getaway for Lovebirds is packed with ideas for your stay in Squamish, where the mountains, rivers and forests will enchant you.

3-Day Getaway for Couples

The BFFs

Through thick and thin you’ve stuck together and throughout everything the past year has thrown at you, your friendship has stood the test of time. When was the last time you had an escape just for you?

3-Day Getaway for Besties

The Adventure Squad

We’ll take our COVID vaccine with a healthy dose of adrenaline, thank you. Say good-bye to Netflix and hello the rush of excitement fun-filled itinerary ideas for you to enjoy with your squad. 

3-Day Getaway for Adventurers

The Foodie Friends

Squamish has a thriving dining scene that doesn’t disappoint. Don’t worry, we worked in an activity or two to burn some calories so you can enjoy it all guilt-free.

3-Day Getaway for Foodies

The Bubble Group

Your crew has spoken – it’s time to pack up, leave town and enjoy the Summer of 2021 like there’s no tomorrow. Freedom has never felt so good.

3-Day Getaway for Friends

The Young Family

You're ready to put last year behind you and show your little ones what life is really about - getting outside and enjoying time together, doing fun activities and engaging in a community in a much more normal way. Step outside and stay awhile with our itinerary suggestions for families with young children.

3-Day Getaway for Young Families

The Family with Teens

We all know most teenagers aren't going to be keen to go along on a trip with Mom and Dad unless it's something epic. Squamish has very unique experiences that can crack just about any teen's aloof exterior.

3-Day Getaway for Families with Teens