10 Ways To Play

Squamish prides itself in being an all-season town and many of the fun things we do here in Squamish are perfectly doable throughout the year. However as temperatures start to warm and the sun shines down upon us, that's when things REALLY start heating up and there are plenty of adventures to fill your plate. So whether you’re seeking the quiet solace of nature or an adrenaline-inducing activity, we have TEN awesome ways for you and your family to have fun this Summer in Squamish.

Challenge yourself and your family to get outside have some fun-  Squamish is the perfect place with activities for everyone from toddlers to teens and adults too, of course.

What will be your way to play? Launching in 10…9…8…

1. Easy Rider

The most fun on two wheels for your little ones. Mountain biking isn't just for big kids, little riders enjoy it too. Squamish is a great place for kids to start rolling along cruisy trails and learn the ropes.

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2. Splash in the Mountains

Whether you choose to glide on a SUP, splash through whitewater rapids, or sail the ocean searching for wildlife, you can take your pick on how you want to enjoy Squamish's waterways throughout Spring and Summer.  


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3. Gondola Experience

Squamish's top attraction will zoom to the top of a mountain via the newest state-of-the-art gondolas. Once at the summit, enjoy sweeping views of Howe Sound and the Sea to Sky corridor. Challenge yourself with a hike or sit and enjoy the stunning vistas while enjoying some tasty food and a refreshing beverage.

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4. Go Fish

Reel in the fun with a family outing on the water. Fishing is fantastic outdoor activity that creates lasting memories while you bond in nature. Learn about local fish species while you cast out and pull in an exciting catch of the day. Each season offers a different species of fish to catch, making it a year-round sport in Squamish.


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5. Aerial Adventure

Got a Ninja Warrior fan at home? Do your kids love to jump around and have silly fun, or challenge themselves with physical tasks? Then this activity is for them! Squamish has the perfect place to take them to burn up some energy and have a blast.

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6. Rainforest Adventure

Stroll the stunning Squamish forests and take in the serene wilderness. Sometimes everyone needs a little quiet time and Squamish's coastal temperate rainforest is the right spot to find some tranquility. Spot endemic birds and animals, jump in the lake, or just enjoy the lush scenery.  

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7. Thrill Ride

Time for the big kids to shred the trails and push their limits! While Squamish has a trail for everyone, older kids will get a kick out of challenging themselves on some of the more intense dirt paths in the Sea to Sky. Try joining a course or clinic to bring your skills to the next level.

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8. Chalk N' Rock

A rock climbing activity for the family to enjoy. Chalk up your hands and get ready to enjoy some of Squamish's finest granite or practice your skills inside. Rock climbing makes for an awesome day filled with seeking challenges, conquering them and plenty of high fives!


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9. Climb the Iron Way

A spectacular excursion that will wow everyone big and small, no matter what the season. If you partake in the the Via Ferrata aka. 'Iron Way' that places you in a small group of people that have conquered climbing a Squamish mountain!

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10. Hardhats & Hot Chocolate

If you have someone in your family that love plans, trains and trucks then this is the adventure for your family! Don the newest fashion statement (a hardhat) and learn about Squamish's early years as a mining hotspot at the Britannia Mine Museum. At the Railway Museum of British Columbia you'll find he largest collection of railway rolling stock in Western Canada and more than 90 pieces of heritage railway cars and artifacts. Both of these museums are based primarily indoors, making them a great way to explore and learn about local history on a day with inclement weather.


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