Explore Squamish - August 06, 2015

Squamish Valley Music Festival: Food Truck Tour 2015

Burger Bus
Photo: Burger Bus - Jalapeno Bacon Bison Burger

We took a time out today. We literally put ourselves in the corner - the food truck corner - for the first installment of our second annual officially unofficial Squamish Valley Music Festival Food Truck Tour.

This year we brought along our friends from the #exploresquamish street team to help us taste, test and explore the very best of the SVMF food trucks who came from both near and far, all with a story to tell. This year's food-truck line-up did not disappoint.

So what did we love? Here's our list of our top food truck picks at this year's Squamish Valley Music Festival.


This Little Piggy


  1. Burger Bus & Big Dogs Diner: Organic Grassfed Bison Jalapeno Cheese & East Van Philly Steak Sandwich. Homemade, handcut meats and handpressed burgers all served on organic, gluten-free, potato flour buns.
  2. This Little Piggy: "The Big Bad Wolf Sandwich". THIS is good. Pulled pork, bacon, chorizo, cheese & caramelized onions on a fresh Portugese bun. Chips and homemade salsa to dip.
  3. Whistler Wood Fired Pizza Co: "The Works". A Squamish locals cult fave that is not to be missed.
  4. Granny's Cheesecakes & More: "Frozen Banana's & Deep-fried cheesecake". Featured on Food Networks - Carnival Eats.

    Carnival Eats

  5. CinCity Donuts: "Maple syrup & bacon topped mini-donuts". Need we say more? #lemonheaven
  6. NC Gourmet Grill: "Beef & Lamb Gyros". For the second year in a row, this family run truck has made it to the top of the list.
  7. Fruit Shakes: "Peach Mango Mania". Stay healthy, hydrated and fit this weekend with one of these organic shakes. Who are we kidding, it's a music festival. Live it up, have a good time but if you want to feel like you are doing something right for your body, head here.
  8. Insomniac's Coffee Company: "Mocha Freeze". We are not sure when, but at some point you will need this over the weekend.
  9. Mardi Gras Grill: "New Orleans Style Cajun Pulled Pork Poutine". Voted best food truck at the 2015 Calgary Stampede.


  10. Cheese Crust: "The Bacon Bomb". Gourmet Grilled Cheese is their specialty and the Raspberry Iced Tea a thirst quenching treat.

  11. Japanese Bistro: "Yakisoba Combo". Authentic cooked to order Japanese food. And of course, they have Japa dogs.

  12. Dim Sum Express: "Dim Sum Combo". 
  13. Craving's Kettle Corn: Hand-popped popcorn. Kettle Corn, Cheddar, Caramel. 
  14. Mo Daddy's Ice Cream: $2-5 Frozen bars. 
  15. Melt Town Grilled Cheese: "Classic Gilled Cheese". Cheese crust grilled cheeses! 

    Burger Bus


  16. Fhat Dawgs: Japa Dog, Mexican Dog, Chicago Dog. Made with 100% Angus Beef Jumbo Hot Dogs.
  17. Bucket o' Fresh Cut Fries: Fish 'n' Chips and Poutine. Your favorite food - in a bucket. "Bucket O' Fries, Bucket O' Fish & Chips". 
  18. Wiggle Chips: "Lobster Corndog". And of course the famous wiggle chips from last year.


  19. All Day Breakfast - Perogies & Sausage: Only food truck to offer "ALL DAY BREAKFAST". This is pretty much all you need to know.
  20. Manuels Mexican Food. "Burritos". The classic comfort food: ground beef, refried beans, vegetables & fresh flour tortillas.
  21. Super Thai: "Pad Thai".
  22. Slush Zone: "Slushies in super cool, tall cups". At some point this weekend, you will need this in your life. If not for the cool drinks then definitely for the icy cool mist spraying down on you from the canopy. Just sayin'.

Honourable Mention: 

  1. The Perrier Greenhouse Stage: Refreshing drinks mixed with a cool vibe, all in a climate controlled lush, green lounge. Well done, Perrier - we will be back.