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Pack a picnic, watch the sunset or take a stroll around Squamish’s windy waterfront where you’ll be treated to commanding views of the Howe Sound and its coastal mountains.

Make It A Beach Day.

Head to Squamish’s most dog-friendly beach, Nexen Beach, the rustic, sandy centrepiece of Squamish’s oceanfront where dolphin, whale and other marine life sightings are not out of the ordinary. Nexen Beach is the starting point of the Sea to Sky Trail, a 180-kilometre trail that runs north through the Sea to Sky corridor to to D’Arcy, located approximately 42 kilometres northeast of Pemberton. Nexen also provides an access point to the new Sea to Sky Marine Trail, a 40-kilometre ocean route between Horseshoe Bay and Squamish.

Getting There:

There is a single access point for three walking trails: Waterfront Trail, Nexen Beach Trail and Estuary Loop trail in Downtown Squamish near the corner of Vancouver Street and Second Avenue.

From Downtown Squamish, head west down to the end of Cleveland Avenue past the Howe Sound Inn and Brewing Co. and turn left on Vancouver Street. There, you will see the Yacht Club. Turn right. Signs will direct you towards the beach.

The Squamish Adventure Guide is packed with everything you need to help you make the most out of your stay.

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